Monday, January 11, 2021

How to Stop your Aeropress Squirting Coffee Out Sideways

I love my Aeropress coffee maker!

But one thing drives me absolutely batty: the slots on the side of the filter holder let coffee squirt out the side. This is clearly a design flaw: though the the Aeropress folks argue otherwise, it's not convincing.

There is, fortunately, an easy way to fix this!

  1. Buy a bunch of carrots. Not a bagful, the posh kind that come in a bunch.

  2. This will have a nice fat rubber band. Take it off and rinse it.

  3. Put the rubber band around the filter holder. Turn the filter holder right-side-up and slide the band all the way flush with the bottom to make sure the slots are covered.

The rubber band may get a little stained by the coffee but it will easily survive a trip through the dishwasher. And of course it is easily replaced!

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