Monday, January 11, 2021

How to Stop your Aeropress Squirting Coffee Out Sideways

I love my Aeropress coffee maker!

But one thing drives me absolutely batty: the slots on the side of the filter holder let coffee squirt out the side. This is clearly a design flaw: though the the Aeropress folks argue otherwise (scroll down to "Why are there holes in the sides..."), it's not convincing.

There is, fortunately, an easy way to fix this!

  1. Buy a bunch of carrots. Not a bagful, the posh kind that come in a bunch.

  2. This will have a nice fat rubber band. Take it off and rinse it.

  3. Put the rubber band around the filter holder. Turn the filter holder right-side-up and slide the band all the way flush with the bottom to make sure the slots are covered.

The rubber band may get a little stained by the coffee but it will easily survive a trip through the dishwasher. And of course it is easily replaced!

Carrots with a purple rubber band Rubber band next to black plastic AeroPress strainer AeroPress strainer with purple rbber band stretched around the top

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