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It was the Eighties. You likely had to have been there. Recorded, if memory serves, in the basement of Risley Residential College. Multitrack recording was unavailable/unaffordable, so each song was recorded in one take directly to final mix without overdubs. Davey Thomas engineered.


  • James Jay Slawney: guitar, bass, vocals
  • Michael Lang: vocals, bass
  • Jeffrey Thompson: keyboards
  • Jon Foote: keyboards
  • Bill King: drums

Moving in Movies

Life in New Jersey

Field of Action


All songs (c)1983 J. Slawney and ionisation

ionisation poster c. 1982

Poster by Charlie Grimm and Jon Foote, art by Charlie Grimm

Infant Lab was another project consisting of

  • James Jay Slawney: vocals, guitar, rhythm programming
  • Jeff Eldredge: keyboards, vocals
  • Jon Foote: bass & synth bass

Here is 30 minutes of a live performance (the 60-minute cassette evidently ran out) in March, 1986 at the Nines

Track listing:

  1. Red Hour
  2. Better to Burn
  3. Hello, I Love You (Doors)
  4. Delay the Butterfly (lyrics: Emily Dickenson)
  5. Welcome to the Wow-Pow-Pow

All songs except (3) are (c)1985 J. Slawney

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