Saturday, January 17, 2015

Mars Gif

Last week I made a before-and-after gif of the hole Curiosity drilled on Mars on Sol 867 (originals from @midnightplanets here at:

mars animated gif

This was relatively easy because the Navcam does not move relative to the rover and the rover didn't move, so the two pictures aligned perfectly despite a time difference of several hours. You can see how the sun angle has changed and the small hole that was drilled (near the center of the image) and the resulting debris.

Here's a Mastcam color image of the drilled hole and a MAHLI close-up

Here's a link to the full-resolution GIF (2.2 Mb)

Thanks to @elakdawalla for the original tweet alerting me to the availability of images and to @midnightplanets for putting them up.



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