Sunday, Feb 17, 2013

Taxiway Lamps

I've always loved the blue taxiway lamps at airports, they remind me of the excitement of arrival in a new city. So I decided to build some for myself (not shown in the picture, I actually built a set of two). So one more set of lamps! If I'm going to do one a month, this would be February's -- January was the Disk Stack Lamp.

It was pretty easy to find actual airport-surplus lamps on EBay, though I did wind up cannibalizing two sets to get sufficient parts. But this neatly solved my problem of what to use for the bases: I used two upside-down fixtures for them to stand on. I love the contrast of the blue light and the taxi yellow paint, the industrial aspect and the wabi-sabi of the weathering paint.

I had to retrofit the bulb fittings from some kind of exotic bayonet flange to a standard Edison socket. For illumination I used blue LED bulbs, which are pretty bright. I put in a three-way switch with a diode on one of the connections: if you give the LED bulbs half-rectified AC they have a nicely dim night-light glow to add to the full-on brightness.

Taxiway lamp

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