Monday, March 30, 2012

Where am I?

I could use a latte: or so says this Apple advertisement.

Apple Mission Ad

As this is pretty much my neighborhood and I am a coffee fan, I have patronized all four establishments visible in the list. But something was odd: exactly where was that picture taken? It certainly didn't look like the Mission, and the distances were a little...odd. As confirmed by Mission Mission blog.

SCIENCE TO THE RESCUE: 2023 update: sorry about the link rot, but Google broke it :(

I entered the locations and distances in this convenient mapping tool: These circles are centered on the landmark with the radius of the distance. They should intersect on the place that is the correct distance from all four landmarks. As you can see, they don't intersect at all, so this place exists only in some ad person's imagination. Which may not be such a bad thing...



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