Monday, Feb 20, 2012


Part of a distributed mentoring movement.

I've been fortunate and privileged to be the recipient of a great education from wonderful and supportive teachers. However I think the dominant education model is significantly broken, particularly in higher education, and the rapidly changing landscape of employment and innovation means that formal education may be less relevant.

Therefore it’s important to me to make myself available as a mentor to others, especially if you share my interests.

If you’d like to work together, you can write me a letter responding to the questions below; I’ll write back to all letters I receive in this way within two weeks no matter what. In response to the most exceptional letters, I’ll propose further correspondence—and in certain cases, an ongoing mentoring relationship.

   ☞ Tell me about yourself. How did you become who you are, and who do you want to become?

   ☞ What do you hope to gain from our mentoring relationship?

   ☞ What’s the best thing you’ve built recently?

   ☞ What ideas or concepts have inspired you? What makes you go "wow!?"

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