Saturday, February 5, 2011

Hey, does this thing work?

So teh goog went all evil on me and whacked my blog toolchain (significant engineering resources-- rubbish!)

So I whacked up a new toolchain. It goes like this:

PosterousPosterous API ⇨ Python ⇨ text files ⇨ Stayceyapp + Disqus


  • Posterous: because it easily imported my existing entries from It also has a decent API, and easy editing tools including an iPhone app.
  • Python: because I am somewhat competent and there was at least one Posterous API library (I used pyposterous)
  • text files: because they rock. Using a DB for a blog is overkill.
  • Stayceyapp: Because I was about to write the same thing in Python.
  • Disqus: Not an expert at comment systems, but seems to work. The partials (macro) system in Staycey makes it easy to add automatically to every post.

So you are now reading the result. As the whole ball of wax required significant expertise in HTML, Javascript, PHP, Python, CSS, RSS, and their various interactions, it is no doubt full of bugs, so thanks for your patience. 

If you find any glaring ones, please leave a comment, thanks!


Yeah, yeah "just use Wordpress already!" Nope. Not gonna touch that PHP hairball maintenance nightmare.


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