Thursday, February 21, 2008

Thoughts While Ripping My Krautrock Collection

  • Neu + Serge Gainsbourg = Stereolab
  • CAN: definitive experimental confirmation of Foote's Groove Theory, to wit: It doesn't matter what's on top as long as your rhythm section is smoking.
  • Harmonie: god this would have been my favorite band had I heard them as a teenager
  • Popol Vuh: makes Herzog worth it
  • What the heck is Charlie Parker doing in my Krautrock collection?
  • Kraftwerk = GOD. I confess to having a total adolescent fantasy that Kraftwerk, hanging out after Coachella, comes across SWARM and naturally think it is the necessary thing for the cover of their next album "Die Kugel-Maschinen"
Tagged: music
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