Tuesday, October 17, 2006

WTF, love a duck, it's Lord Buckley!

Lord Buckley in evening dress

MCing for dorkbot the other night I riffed on some Buckley. In his celebrated beatnik version, Shakespeare's "Friends, Romans, countrymen, lend me your ears" became "Hipsters, flipsters and finger-poppin' daddies: knock me your lobes." So in that spirit I welcomed "Hackers, crackers, email POPpin' daddies... and mommies... or maybe you use IMAP..."

I don't think anyone got it. So herewith, ladies and gentlemen, an encapsulated introduction to the great Lord Buckley, one in the fine line of California hipster-eccentrics that began with Emperor Norton and continues to this day to Chicken John. (Aristocratic devolution in action! Emperor->Lord->Chicken. I leave it as a reader exercise to predict the next title in the series. )

ANYWAY, here's what you need to know about the good Lord. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lord_Buckley . And how many people who died in 1960 have their own vanity site? www.lordbuckley.com . Redig him now!

In the useless trivia department, I always assumed The Nazz (Todd Rundgren's first major band) was named after Lord Buckley's version of the Jesus story. It was, but only indirectly; according to the sages on the Internet, they took their name from the song "The Nazz are Blue" by The Yardbirds, and it was THEM (Yardbirds) wot got it from LB. Now you know.



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